Art Students League,
Edwin Dickinson Class, 1958 (Spring) - 1959

"'The Art Students League of New York' has been a major source for the training of artists since 1875. My painting instructor, Edwin Dickinson, studied there as did his mentor and colleague, Charles Hawthorne. Their development of a visual approach to the appearance of nature — color-spots — is the basis for my work. You may refer to the web site link Writings for a detailed description. The paintings here were done in the Dickinson class in 1958-1959."

Model with Red Bandana
Model with Red Bandana, 1957
Legs, 1958
Study of a Leg and Torso
Study of a Leg and Torso, 1958.
Nude, 1958
Reclining Nude
Reclining Nude, 1958

Shoulder, 1958
Still Life with Finder and Engineer's Rule
Still Life with Finder and Engineer's Rule, 1958
Winnie I
Winnie I, 1959
Winnie II
Winnie II, 1959

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