Clothed Figure

"Like the nude, these also are anatomically functional, giving the appearance of being able to change position. In most classically realistic figure paintings what matters are the head and hands. Ask yourself the question, 'can this figure stand on her feet, is there a ribcage underneath the gown, can she change her position?' Take the pose yourself. The potential for movement brings a dimension to figure painting and sculpture that is waiting to be explored. For further information, see Bio-Resume, blogs and You-Tube."

Wine Press - Floyd Woodbeck
Wine Press - Floyd Woodbeck, 1968
Floyd Woodbeck - Hog Butchering Tools
Floyd Woodbeck - Hog Butchering Tools, 1965
Rika, Head
Rika, Head, 1970
Floyd Woodbeck
Floyd Woodbeck, 1972-2008
Pesach Slabosky Seated
Pesach Slabosky Seated, 1976

Norman Ader
Norman Ader, 1977
Nathaniel Darst
Nathaniel Darst, July 2003
Fay Todd
Fay Todd, 2004-2005

Marcia Evelyn Cunningham, Sheffield
Marcia Evelyn Cunningham, Sheffield, 1968 SOLD
Jose Barrera
Jose Barrera, 1972 SOLD
Helen Rabi
Helen Rabi, 1972-1973 SOLD
The Reverend W.B. Wright
The Reverend W.B. Wright, 1972-1974 SOLD
Pesach Slabosky
Pesach Slabosky, 1980 SOLD

Genay Sundra
Genay Sundra, 1980 SOLD
Thomas Harding
Thomas Harding, 1985 SOLD
Fay Todd, Head
Fay Todd, Head, 1990 SOLD

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