Landscape, Berkshires

"I have done major landscapes in the out-of-doors during summers and premier coup during all seasons. All the major landscapes are constructions, taking from the appearance of nature and building a painting."

Sheffield View
Sheffield View, 1961
Housatonic at Ashley Falls
Housatonic at Ashley Falls, c. 1965
Brewer Farm, Shed and House
Brewer Farm, Shed and House, c. 1965
Drury Land
Drury Land, Sheffield, 1976
Wilcox's Barn
Wilcox's Barn, Sheffield, 1992

Back Pasture, Apple Trees
Back Pasture, Apple Trees, 1996
Back Pasture with Barn
Back Pasture with Barn, Sheffield, 2003
Towards Brewer Branch Road, Sheffield
Towards Brewer Branch Road, Sheffield, 2007
Locust Tree and Barn, Sheffield
Locust Tree and Barn, Sheffield, 2007-2009

The Housatonic
The Housatonic, 1967 SOLD
Sheffield Plain
Sheffield Plain, 1967 SOLD
Dead Elms, Sheffield
Dead Elms, Sheffield, 1968 SOLD
Mountain, View of Southern Berkshires
Canaan Mountain, View of Southern Berkshires, 1969 SOLD
Brewer Farm Looking West
Brewer Farm Looking West, 1970 SOLD

The Housatonic at Ashley Falls
The Housatonic at Ashley Falls, 1971 SOLD
Pasture Road
Pasture Road, 1973 SOLD
Race Mountain
Race Mountain, 1975 SOLD
Iron Works Brook
Iron Works Brook, 1975 SOLD
Lassoe's Woods
Lassoe's Woods, 1977 SOLD

Tryingham Valley, East to Hale Farm
Tryingham Valley, East to Hale Farm, 1980 SOLD
Apple Trees
Apple Trees, Sheffield, 1981 SOLD
Toward Ashentully, Tyringham
Toward Ashentully, Tyringham, 1981 SOLD
Tryingham at Fernside
Tyringham at Fernside, 1982 SOLD
Hewins Barn
Hewins Barn, 1983 SOLD

Highwood Landscape no. 2
Highwood Landscape no. 2, 1985 SOLD
Sheffield Valley
Sheffield Valley, 1984 SOLD
Pignut and Apple Trees
Pignut and Apple Trees, 1998 SOLD
Hewins Fields
Hewins Fields, 1993 SOLD
Pine Woods
Pine Woods, 1993 SOLD

Great Barrington, Looking West
Great Barrington, Looking West, 2005 SOLD
Two Cedars
Two Cedars, Sheffield, 2002 SOLD
Sheffield, December, 2005 SOLD
Edge of Pine Wood, Sheffield
Edge of Pine Wood, Sheffield, 2006-2007 SOLD

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