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"This is a few miles from the Mexican border and they call it a "green desert." There is a vividness of color that warrants the term. I find great interest in deserts everywhere."

Tumacacori Range, Tubac
Tumacacori Range, Tubac, 1989
Tumacacori Mission
Tumacacori Mission, 1989
Mesquite, Tubac
Mesquite, Tubac, 1989
Cumulus, Tubac
Cumulus, Tubac, 1989
Elephant Head, Tubac
"Elephant Head", Tubac, 1989

Tumacacori Mountains, Tubac
Tumacacori Mountains, Tubac, 1989
View of Santa Rita Mountains, Tubac
View of Santa Rita Mountains, Tubac, 1989
Desert Near Tubac
Desert Near Tubac, 1989
Dried Riverbed
Dried Riverbed, 1989.
Cactus, Tubac
Cactus, Tubac, 1989.

Tubac, 1989 SOLD
Mountains in Tubac
Mountains in Tubac, 1989 SOLD
From Shirley's Place
From Shirley's Place, Tubac, 1989 SOLD
Distant Elephant Head, Tubac
Distant "Elephant Head", Tubac, 1989 SOLD
Santa Rita Mountains, Tubac
Santa Rita Mountains, Tubac, 1989 SOLD

Mesquite in the Green Desert
Mesquite in the Green Desert, 1989 SOLD

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