Premier Coup » Berkshire Landscapes, Fall

I began painting Premier Coup landscapes in the Berkshires in 1984, working in all seasons.

Back Fields, Sheffield
Back Fields, 1984
The Cobble, Ashley Falls
The Cobble, Ashley Falls, 1985
Back Pasture Cedars, Sheffield
Back Pasture Cedars, Sheffield, 1985
Looking Down from the Oak Bridge, Sheffield
Looking Down from the Oak Bridge, Sheffield, 1985
Pine Woods, Sheffield
Pine Woods, Sheffield, 1985

Umpachenee Falls, Mill River
Umpachenee Falls, Mill River, 1985
Shittim Wood in the Swamp
November: Shittim Wood in the Swamp, 1985
Drizzle, Sheffield
Drizzle, Sheffield, 1986
Swamp Maples in October
Swamp Maples, October, 1986
Milkweed in Sheffield
Milkweed in Sheffield, 1988

Swamp in Autumn, Sheffield
Swamp in Autumn, Sheffield, October 1988
Brewer's Brook
Brewer's Brook, 1988
October Light on Woods, Sheffield
October Light on Woods, 1990
Fence Line, Sheffield
Fence Line, Sheffield, 1994
Black Maple, Sheffield
Black Maple, 1996

Asters in October, Sheffield
Asters in October, 2008
Back Pasture, Fall
Back Pasture, Fall, 2008
Fence Corner, Fall
Fence Corner, Sheffield, 2008
Hills Looking East, Sheffield
Hills Looking East, Sheffield, 2008
Towards the Swamp, Orchard in Fall, Sheffield
Towards the Swamp, Orchard in Fall, 2008

Toward Race Mountain, Early October
Toward Race Mountain, 2008
Northern Spy, Sheffield
Northern Spy, 2008
Fall: Sheffield
Fall: Sheffield, 2008
Fall: White Ash  Sheffield
Fall: White Ash, 2008
Fall: Black Maple, Sheffield
Fall: Black Maple, c 2009

Back Pasture, Fall
Race Mountain in Fall, 2009
Sheffield, Late PM
Sheffield, Late PM, 2009

Apple Tree, Sheffield
Apple Tree, Sheffield, 1985SOLD
Barn with New Siding, Tyringham
Barn with New Siding, Tyringham, November 1988 SOLD
Black Maple, Late Fall, Sheffield
Black Maple, Late Fall, Sheffield, 1988SOLD
Brewer Branch Brook, Sheffield
Brewer Branch Brook, Sheffield, 1991 SOLD
Barberries in Fall
Barberries in Fall, 1990SOLD

Mason Harding's Barn
Mason Harding's Barn, 1995 SOLD

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