Premier Coup » Berkshire Landscapes, Summer

I began painting Premier Coup landscapes in the Berkshires in 1984, working in all seasons.

Apple Orchard, Sheffield
Apple Orchard, Sheffield, 1985
Barn and Rock, Sheffield
Barn and Rock, 1990
Behind the Barn, Sheffield
Behind the Barn, 1990
Elm Branch #1, Sheffield
Elm Branch #1, Sheffield, 1991
Elm Branch #2, Sheffield
Elm Branch #2, Sheffield, 1991

Sheffield Cabin
Sheffield Cabin, 1991
Edge of Woods, Sheffield
Edge of Woods, 1990
Columbine & Shed, Sheffield
Columbine & Shed, Sheffield, 1994
Day After Lightning, Sheffield
Day After Lightning, 2001
Apple Tree, Blue Sky, Sheffield
Apple Tree, Blue Sky, Sheffield, 2003

Roses and Barn, Sheffield
Roses and Barn, Sheffield, 2003
Apple Trees and Locust, Sheffield
Apple Trees and Locust, Sheffield, 2007
Apple Trees and Locust, Sheffield
Approaching Storm, Sheffield, 2007
Tool Shed #5, Sheffield
Tool Shed #5, Sheffield, 2007

Backlands, Sheffield
Backlands, 2007
Past the Fence Post, Sheffield
Past the Fence Post, 2007
Frog Pond, Sheffield
Frog Pond, Sheffield, 2008

Apple Trees, Sheffield
Apple Trees, Sheffield, 1981 SOLD
Flowers and Fence, Sheffield
Flowers and Fence, Sheffield, 1981 SOLD
Back Pasture, Sheffield
Back Pasture, Sheffield, 1983 SOLD
Past the Rushes, Sheffield
Past the Rushes, Sheffield, 1986 SOLD
Back Pasture, from the Pine
Back Pasture, from the Pine, 2003 SOLD

Back Pasture, Sheffield
Orchard, Sheffield, 2003 SOLD

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