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"One of the most barren, demanding and beautiful landscapes in the world. I worked primarily
in the fishing village of Djúpivogur on the east coast, and inland in the lava beds near Hreðavatn."

Fire Rocks, Djúpivogur
Fire Rocks, Djúpivogur, 1986
Hvalnessfridur, 1986
Bulandstindur, from Djúpivogur
Bulandstindur, from Djúpivogur, 1986
Ridge, Djúpivogur
Ridge, Djúpivogur, 1986

Sheep's Head, Djúpivogur
Sheep's Head, Djúpivogur, 1986
Hraunsnefsöxl and Baula
Hraunsnefsöxl and Baula, 1986
Baula, Hreðavatn
Baula, Hreðavatn, August 1986
Hraunsnefsöxl, Hreðavatn
Hraunsnefsöxl, Hreðavatn, 1986

Black Beach
Black Beach, 1986 SOLD
Djúpivogur, 1986 SOLD
Pool, Djúpivogur
Pool, Djúpivogur, 1986 SOLD
Glacier, 1986 SOLD
Glacier, Southeast Coast
Glacier, Southeast Coast, 1986 SOLD

Glacial Ice, Southeast Coast
Glacial Ice, Southeast Coast, 1986 SOLD
Hamarsfjörður, 1986 SOLD
Icelandic Farm Buildings
Icelandic Farm Buildings, 1986 SOLD
Flowers on Peasant Ruin, Djúpivogur
Flowers on Peasant Ruin, Djúpivogur, 1986 SOLD
Autumn, Hreðavatn
Autumn, Hreðavatn, 1986 SOLD

Salmon River, Hreðavatn
Salmon River, Hreðavatn, 1986 SOLD
Volcanic Fields, Hreðavatn
Volcanic Fields, Hreðavatn, 1986 SOLD
Cave, Hreðavatn
Cave, Hreðavatn, 1986 SOLD
Volcanic Beds, Hreðavatn
Volcanic Beds, Hreðavatn, 1986 SOLD

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