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"These paintings were done near Eyre on the Irish Sea. From the beaches the land rises steeply to moors. There are abandoned castles and in August, abundant rain and even snow. A judicious use of single malt scotch is helpful to the landscape painter."

Beach, Dunure, (B&W)
Beach, Dunure, (B&W), 1988
Cottage © Fisherton Manor, Dunure
Cottage © Fisherton Manor, Dunure, 1988
Dun Duff Castle
Dun Duff Castle, 1988
Leslie's Garden
Leslie's Garden, 1988
Lobelia, Dunure
Lobelia, Dunure, 1988

Fisherton Farm, Dunure
Fisherton Farm, Dunure, 1988-95
Moors, Dunure
Moors, Dunure, 1988
Sheepcote, Fisherton Farm
Sheepcote, Fisherton Farm, 1988

Beach Near Fisherton
Beach Near Fisherton, 1988 SOLD
Blasted Tree
Blasted Tree, 1988 SOLD
Misty Beach, Dunure, (B©W)
Misty Beach, Dunure, (B©W), 1988 SOLD
Cottage, 1988 SOLD
View from the Barn, Scotland
View from the Barn, Scotland, 1988 SOLD

Barn Interior, Scotland
Barn Interior, Scotland, 1988 SOLD
Beach, Dunure
Beach, Dunure, 1988 SOLD
Firth of Clyde, Fisherton
Firth of Clyde, Fisherton, 1988 SOLD
Scottish Beach
Scottish Beach, 1988 SOLD

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