Premier Coup » Berkshire Landscapes, Spring

I began painting Premier Coup landscapes in the Berkshires in 1984, working in all seasons.

Apple Orchard in Early April, Sheffield
Apple Orchard in Early April, 1985
Monkshood, Sheffield 1986
Monkshood Sheffield, 1986
Brewer Branch Road, Sheffield
Brewer Branch Road, Sheffield, 1985
March: Pond with Cattails
March: Pond with Cattails, 1985
Swamp from Orchard, in Late March, Sheffield
Swamp from Orchard, in Late March, 1985

Apple Blossoms, Sheffield
Apple Blossoms, Sheffield, 2007
Monolith in April, Sheffield
Monolith in April, 1987
March Landscape After Snow, Sheffield
March Landscape After Snow, 1992
Late March, Sheffield
Late March, 1999
Apple Trees in March, Sheffield
Apple Trees in March, 2000

Apple Blossoms, Sheffield
Apple Trees in May, Sheffield, 2007
Apple Blossoms Toward Road, Sheffield
Apple Blossoms Toward Road, Sheffield, 2007
Three Apple Trees in Blossom
Three Apple Trees in Blossom, 2007
Pond (Paper), Sheffield
Pond, Sheffield, 2007
Lilac and Shed, Sheffield
Lilac and Shed, 2008

Frog Pond from Kitty's Room, Sheffield
Frog Pond from Kitty's Room, Sheffield, 2010
Apple Blossoms in May, Sheffield
Apple Blossoms in May, Sheffield, 2014
Back of the Barn, Spring
Back of the Barn, Spring, 2014
Behind the Barn, Spring
Behind the Barn, Spring, 2014
Pig Nut Tree, Spring
Pig Nut Tree, Spring 2014

Snow, Pond, Easter Sunday
Snow, Pond, Easter Sunday 2015

Rock in Spring, Sheffield
Rock in Spring, Sheffield, 1988 SOLD
Cornfield, Spring in Sheffield
Cornfield, Spring in Sheffield, 1985 SOLD
Gate by Cornfields Sheffield
Gate by Cornfields Sheffield, 1998 SOLD
Looking Through the Oaks, Sheffield
Looking Through the Oaks, Sheffield, 1985 SOLD

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