Still Life

"I have painted still life since I began painting in oils at the age of twelve. You will see in the selection here a chronological development that is echoed in my landscape and figure work. I have loved old tools and farming equipment and continue to paint them. The formal arrangement of still life and the play of geometry and light are a special pleasure."

Still Life, One Union Square
Still Life, One Union Square, 1961
Basket and Apples
Basket and Apples, 1962
Canton Jar with Pears
Canton Jar with Pears, 1962
Still Life with Knife and Jars
Still Life with Knife and Jars, 1962
Crossbars, Bottle and Jar
Crossbars, Bottle and Jar, 1962

Studio Interior with Violin
Studio Interior with Violin, 1963
Still Life After the Courbet Show
Still Life After the Courbet Show, 1964
Blue Still Life
Blue Still Life, 1967
Flowers, Green Vase and Lemons
Flowers, Green Vase and Lemons, 1968
Knoedler's Plans
Knoedler's Plans, 1968

Spanish Crucifix
Spanish Crucifix, 1969
Broken Chair
Broken Chair, 1986, Premier Coup
David Potoff's Tools
David Potoff's Tools, 2003-2004
Studio Interior
Studio Interior, 2009
Tools and Basket, 2013
Tools and Basket, 2013

Two Forks and Ice Tongs, 2014
Two Forks and Ice Tongs, 2014
Mule Drawn Cultivator,  2012-2014
Mule Drawn Cultivator, 2012-2014

Carriage House Still Life
Carriage House Still Life, 1960 SOLD
Still Life with Shoes
Still Life with Shoes, 1961 SOLD
Still Life with Teapot
Still Life with Teapot, 1961 SOLD
The Prepared Table
The Prepared Table, (B&W), 1965 SOLD
Brandy Bottle
Brandy Bottle (B&W), 1968 SOLD

Chime Knife and Barking Spud
Chime Knife and Barking Spud, 1970 SOLD
Pears and Basket
Pears and Basket, 1970 SOLD
Candle Making
Candle Making, 1971 SOLD
Shaker Objects
Shaker Objects, 1972 SOLD
Basket and Egg
Basket and Egg, 1973 SOLD

Harvest Tools
Harvest Tools, 1973 SOLD
Glass Bottle and White Linen
Glass Bottle and White Linen, 1974 SOLD
Forest Tools
Forest Tools, 1985 SOLD
Highwood Interior, Lenox
Highwood Interior, Lenox, 1987 SOLD
Staircase, Highwood
Staircase, Highwood, 1987 SOLD

Still Life with Bottle,  Premier Coup
Still Life with Bottle and Lilac, 1987,
Premier Coup SOLD
Geranium, 1995,
Premier Coup SOLD
Studio Table
Studio Table,
1996-1997 SOLD
Still Life with Lime, Avocado and Basket
Still Life with Lime, Avocado and Basket, 2000 SOLD

Celtic Crucifix
Celtic Crucifix, 2002-2004 SOLD
Ice Tools with Basket and White Linen
Ice Tools with Basket and White Linen, 2010 SOLD

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